Systems Thinker Foundations introduces you to some key principles of systems thinking. In almost an hour of short video lessons, this FREE minicourse presents ideas you can start using tomorrow.

Additionally, you'll hear about the benefits of the full Systems Thinker Course, a three-month cohort-based course designed for teams seeking to integrate a systems approach into their organisation.

David Hodes

Hi, I'm David Hodes, your course leader

I founded Ensemble in 2000 to bring my experiences with systems thinking to Australia. Under my leadership, Ensemble has helped Tier-1 Australian companies in mining, banking, retail, construction, manufacturing, and aviation to plan and execute billions of dollars’ worth of projects.

I developed the Systems Thinker Course to share my method and further serve my mission of enabling organisations to realise remarkable business value through better ways to do better work.

As a master Systems Thinker and practitioner, certified expert in the Theory of Constraints, and author of More Than Just Work, I will personally lead your Systems Thinking course.